Community planting event – Rosenthal

Date: Sunday, 28 July, 2024
Time: 10:00 AM - 1:30 PM
Location: 115 Rosenthal Boulevard

This community planting event will add lots more wildflowers and native grasses in the area of the reserve that was burnt in autumn. This will create more diverse habitats for the animals that Thara then feed on, as a rich food web.

A family-friendly native wildlife display will be provided by WildlifeXposure in the adjacent park at 1 Longtan Avenue. Hear about interesting local animals, with opportunities for great photos, and if you are brave, you might even get to touch a reptile.

  • Help revegetate our shared open green spaces.
  • The events focus on local biodiversity issues.
  • There will be other fun stuff happening and food.
  • It’s free and all materials/equipment are provided!
  • Wear appropriate clothing and closed in footwear

Contact: Melissa Doherty, Urban Biodiversity Officer, Hume City Council. [email protected] – (03) 9205 2200, 0409 702 086