Asked – not answered

Thursday 11 April 2024

Sunbury MP Josh Bull declines our invitation for an interview on his thoughts re the lack of a TAFE in Sunbury and Hi-Quality’s expansion plans.

Sunbury Cemetery Trust is not replying to questions about soil dumped on a grave.

Friday 1 March 2024

We asked numerous questions about the council run tip in Riddell Rd following a claim asbestos had been illegally dumped there.

While council responded in general terms on 8 March, it did not address specific questions about the incident.

  • How long did the clean up take?
  • Did clean up staff have to where protective suits and use water hoses to douse the asbestos?
  • What day was the clearance certificate issued by the EPA?
  • Were public and staff at risk from the asbestos (as the site remained open)?

28 February 2024

The council’s acting coordinator, strategic campaigns and media writes to say the volume of work and a gap in resourcing means his department can’t process our enquiries.

For how many hours were the Sunbury swimming pools closed due to a lack of staff in February?

Monday 8 January 2024:

Following a decision by councillors on 18 December 2023 to defer a debate on a proposal to change kindergarten enrolment to a ballot system, we asked when the item will be debated.

Council responded: “The matter has been deferred and we have no further comments at this time.”

Monday 27 November 2023:

  1. What is the current [rates] arrears amount for Sunbury in dollar terms?
  2. Annually, how much does Sunbury pay in rates [to Hume City Council]?
  3. How many households and how many businesses in Sunbury are in rate arrears?
  4. Is the council currently in the process of forcing the sale of anyone’s home over unpaid rates?
  5. What plan does council have to reduce the level of unpaid rates, and over what time period?

22 December 2023:

We requested that YouTube videos of council meeting be made public (something we had raised months earlier). Currently, meetings are broadcast live on YouTube, but videos are subsequently hidden under YouTube’s ‘Unlisted’ option. We requested they are listed as ‘Public’ on YouTube so they can be found by anyone.

Council responded that the audio of the meetings is available.

29 November 2023:

Following news that Sunbury’s public indoor pool at the aquatic centre was closed for repairs (May 2023 to January 2024) we asked to speak with a council engineer to understand what’s happened to the pool.

Council refused saying only the mayor could be interviewed (he isn’t an engineer).

We asked to see the engineer’s report on the pool. We were told this is private information and would not be released.

28 November 2023:

At its meeting of 27 November 2023, councillors voted to cancel its membership of training firm LG Pro. The agenda item (8.5), mentioned that “some [council] officers involved in authoring its report are individual members of LG Pro. We asked council to name them. It has not replied.