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Sunbury Life news 17 May 2024

Hello, it’s Friday May 17 and here are the week’s news headlines from Sunbury Life dot AU my name is Steve Hart.

Jacksons Hill is to get a new road connecting it with the future Sunbury South residential area and the Calder Freeway.

Hume City Council official had proposed delaying the road until Sunbury South had been developed, but Sunbury councillor Trevor Dance had other ideas.

At a Monday May 13 meeting of the council he moved that  that it be built sooner rather than later.

Councillors agreed to build it by 2029 at a cost of to ratepayers of $28 million.


That’s councillor Trevor Dance.

A public meeting is being held for local business owners to share how they are faring amid the cost-of-living crisis and increased business pressures.

Jakob Zarafa, chair the Sunbury Liberal Party, hopes local business owners will attend the small business forum on Monday May 20 at Sunbury Bowling Club to discuss the issues they face with Liberal MP Cindy McLeish.

Another meeting of Hume City Council had to be adjourned this week – not because of protesters in the public gallery as happened on April 29, but because a handful of councillors got out of control.

Mayor Naim Kurt gave councillors five minutes to collect themselves before voting on councillor conduct and expenses item that revealed council has spent more than $350,000 due to allegations against councillors.

A lack of maintenance by Vic Roads staff has caused one Sunbury councillor to get out his whipper-snipper to cut the grass himself. Councillor Jack Medcraft says he trimmed the overgrowth at an Elizabeth Drive  roundabout.

He wants Vic Roads to do more to its maintain berms and roundabouts, as well as remove graffiti from places such as the Station Street bridge.


That’s councillor Jack Medcraft speaking on Monday May 13.

Real estate now…Houses in Sunbury have risen in value by 1.5% during the last quarter according to the Real Estate Institute.

It says a 3 bed home now has a median value of $600,000.

Median days on the market before a house is sold in Sunbury stands at 33.

What’s on

Got an item that’s broken? Take it along to the Repair Cafe at Sunbury’s Neighbourhood House on Saturday May 18 for one of the Repair cafe experts to take a look.

Join the Sunbury Woodworkers Club to learn woodturning. No experience or tools required.

New guests are welcome on the third Wednesday of every month. Next meeting is Wednesday May 22. 

Sunbury State Emergency Service  unit has an open day on Saturday May 25 at its site in McDougal Road – 10am until 3pm.

1st Sunbury Scout Group is bringing the Cheer Cheese Toastie Truck to the Miller Street hall on Saturday May 25.

And looking ahead to June… The just4Causes Home & Garden Expo will feature businesses from Sunbury and surrounding areas at the Global Learning Centre on Saturday June 22 – one for your diary.

For more events see SunburyLife dot AU.

That’s your news for this week. I’ll be on Sunbury Radio on Sunday from 6pm playing the week’s new jazz releases.

Meanwhile, keep up to date at Sunbury Life dot AU for local news and events. And if you have news to share then do let us know, because if it matters to Sunbury, it matters to us.