Stairs and ramps at Sunbury railway station. Residents want a lifts installed. Photo / Steve Hart

Rail station lifts raised at council

Another push for lifts to be installed either side of Sunbury railway station has been supported by Sunbury councillors – putting pressure on the town’s MP Josh Bull to step up.

Cllr Trevor Dance raised a notice of motion at Hume City Council’s Monday 15 April meeting for it to write to the government and local Mr Bull asking when lifts will be installed at the station.

Cllr Dance says they are needed so the elderly and disabled can get from one side of the tracks to the other. The current bridge features stairs and numerous ramps that were built in 2000 by developer Ingram Property Group as part of the $21m Horne St entertainment, restaurant, and car park complex.

“It amazes me that a lift at the railway station hasn’t been a priority for the local MP, or even the State Government,” said Cllr Dance.

“I think it is about time the government came good and took the next step to build a better railway crossing for the many elderly and disabled Sunbury residents.

“Many residents and community groups have approached the MP previously on this. It is not a new issue, but one that needs immediate attention.”

The Sunbury Residents’ Association began a petition last year for lifts to be installed. Sunbury Life reported on it here.

Cllr Jarrod Bell said: “If you look at the bridge you can see where a lift is supposed to be. [The pedestrians bridge] is completely safe, it is compliant, it is appropriate. But, for some it may not be perfect, and I understand that. So I support them.”

Cllr Jack Medcraft said: “Stations that get built [today] are built with disabled access, and so they should be. I am fully supportive of elevators, but the problem we are going to have…is that trying to get something done near a railway line is near impossible. That’s where we are going to have the problems.

“I do hope we can get an elevator, but the cost is going to be huge. The chances of us getting this are very remote. But I will fight for this and nag them to death, and see if we can get somewhere.”

MP Josh Bull did not respond to our request for comment.

Sunbury Rail Station

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