Villawood sign on the ridge at Jacksons Creek Hill, Emu Bottom. Photo / Sunbury Life.

Hollywood-style sign appears on historic ridgeline

Updated with council statement:

A large sign erected this week by home-builder Villawood Properties, on a section of ridgeline at Jacksons Creek Valley – to help promote the firm’s Kimberley housing project – has surprised onlookers.

However, the firm says its Villawood ‘sculpture’ has been erected on private land and has planning approval.

“The artwork on our Kimberley project at Sunbury is part of a public art program synonymous with Villawood’s award-winning communities across Australia,” says a spokesperson for the company.

“Grand gesture works including the name Villawood, and nature-based sculptures in Corten (weathered) steel, are signature hallmarks which have been very popular and successful in helping create engaged new communities.”

However, Sunbury Cllr Trevor Dance says he has contacted planning department bosses at Hume City Council with a ‘please explain’ after being approached by constituents.

“It’s a disgrace,” he says. “A total eyesore in this historic valley. It is manmade environmental pollution.”

“We speak about preserving the environment and all that is good in Hume, but allow this sign?

“The matter has been referred to council’s planning investigations team to investigate and take any necessary action to bring the site into compliance.”

A statement from council to those complaining about the Villawood sign has been shared with Sunbury Life. It states: “Council has received a number of complaints in relation to signage that has appeared in Sunbury this week.

“Following an initial review of the applicable planning controls under the relevant Precinct Structure Plan, the structure appears to meet the definition of business identification signage under the Hume Planning Scheme and would therefore require a planning permit. It does not appear that any planning permit has been issued.”

Villawood Properties is building 2,000 homes near Emu Bottom.

Hume City Council has not yet directly responded to our request for comment.