Sunbury's iconic fountain will be turned off while new vandal-proof water jets are installed. Photo / Sunbury Life.

Landmark fountain to be upgraded

The iconic fountain on O’Shanassy St will see its water jets turned off on Friday 9 June as a $35,000 upgrade gets underway.

Built in 1983, the landmark fountain was slated for demolition by Hume City Council in 2015 to make way for a small water park feature. However, a petition – signed by 586 supporters – saved the tired-looking fountain and encouraged the council to improve it.

Around $200,000 was spent installing lights and a perimeter wall to accomodate the water jets in 2017 – it’s these jets that are now being replaced.

A Hume City Council spokesperson says: “Over the years the fountain has been subjected to numerous incidents of damage through vandalism, as well as corrosion through the use of chemicals used to control algae growth and to keep the water clean. 

“The repair work that is being arranged is to replace the main water manifold and spouts and to provide strengthening to the spouts to prevent them from being broken off and damaged.”

Cllr Jarrod Bell says the new jets will be harder to damage.

“So for a little while those of us who have been around for a while will get a chance to remember what the fountain used to look like with just the apex jet,” says Cllr Bell in a statement on Facebook.

Photo / Sunbury Life