The NAB Bank, Brook St. Closed until further notice. Photos / Sunbury Life.

Mystery ‘temporary’ closure of NAB bank

Mystery surrounds the ‘temporary’ closure of the NAB bank in Brook St.

Not helping its customers is the fact the branch’s automatic teller machine is faulty – leaving customers needing cash walking away empty-handed.

Poster displayed at NAB bank, Brook St.

A spokesperson for the bank initially struggled to answer why the branch is closed, and couldn’t say when it would re-open.

However, when pushed (ever so gently) he conceded a week later that building work has led to the closure of the branch, though there is no obvious sign of any work being done to the premises.

“There’s still some building maintenance works underway and we don’t have a confirmed reopen date as yet,” said the spokesperson on Monday 12 February.

“We’re hoping to have this confirmed later this week and I’ll keep you posted with this.”

So far, the bank has not offered anything more concrete for a reopening date than “we don’t know”.