Sunbury Life news 1 March 2024

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Sunbury Life news 1 March 2024

Hello, here are the news headlines for Sunbury for week ending Friday 1 March 2024 from Sunbury Life dot AU  – my name is Steve Hart.

Hume City Council is to investigate 24/7 library services. The decision follows a request by mayor Naim Kurt.

At a meeting of the council on Monday 26 February, Kurt said that while Hume Libraries offers a service that is accessible to a large percentage of the community, branch opening hours can still be unsuitable for shift workers and people requiring extended study time.

Kurt’s notice of motion was seconded by Sunbury Cllr Jarrod Bell, among his portfolio is life-long learning.

However, while Cllr Bell is taking a cautious approach to the idea he is keen to find out more


One week after home builder Villawood Properties erected a huge sign on the Jacksons Creek Valley ridge line at Emu Bottom, the firm is to remove it.

The news follows public disquiet about the sign spoiling the natural look of the valley, and Sunbury Cllr Trevor Dance taking the matter up with Hume City Council’s planning department.

A spokesperson for Villawood Properties says it will apply for a permit for the sign.

Hume City Councillors have voted for the council to write to MP Josh Bull for an update on the implementation of the Jacksons Hill Master plan.

The plan was put in place in 2018, but little has been done to the buildings since they were closed to the public.


That’s Cllr Trevor Dance.

On Monday a water main burst next to the Sunbury Square car park, on the corner of Macedon St and Evans St flooding the car park and leaving 3,800 homes and business without water.

Members of the Sunbury Emergency Service arrived to help at 1am.

Great Western Water say the issue was fixed within hours.

And any households without a green bin for organic waste can expect one to be delivered to their home by July.

The green waste bins – to be supplied by Hume City Council – will allow all residents to recycle their food scraps and garden clippings, rather than send them to landfill.

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