Independent Hume City Council candidate Kate Hamley.

First sign of local election battle as challenger steps forward

Hume City Council elections may be months away, but one Goonawarra mum says she is ready to throw her hat into the ring. Kate Hamley has an eye on the new Emu Creek ward as a prospective independent candidate and is getting ready to stand in October.

Describing herself as a “scientist determined to make a difference for her community”, Hamley, 36, works in the agriculture sector dealing with pests and diseases.

She says council should take ambitious action to address housing accessibility and cost of living pressures, “…putting people and the liveability of communities at the centre of council decision making”.

Hamley says she has faced hardship, and has a deep understanding of the issues caused by inequality and inadequate community services.

“Our community is under more pressure than ever,” she says. “With many struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

“In every sports club, community group, school parents group, and local committee you’ll find amazing women with their sleeves rolled, getting things done. We are the lifeblood of our communities, but even in 2024 we still don’t have a fair seat at the table where decisions are being made about us.”

With the three incumbents – Jack Medcraft (Ind), Trevor Dance (Ind), and Jarrod Bell (Lab) – already indicating they will stand for re-election, and just two seats up for grabs, Hamley concedes it will be a tough fight.

“I am presenting something different though,” she says. “I am going to help bring equality to Hume City Council.”

Hume City Council has 11 councillors, three of which are women.

Sunbury is being split into two wards with one councillor each come the October election – the wards will be Emu Creek and Jacksons Hill. See our report New council ward map means big changes for Sunbury.