Following a period of assessment around its long-term future, Hume City Council has made the decision to permanently cease operations at Sunbury Landfill.

Sunbury landfill closed for good

Hume City Council is to permanently close the Sunbury Landfill. It will have no impact on residents as it has been exclusively used by commercial clients. The Sunbury Resource Recovery Centre remains open. 

The landfill stopped accepting waste in July 2023. Council says with a growing push towards recycling, and increasing strategies to divert material away from landfill, the waste typically received by the landfill will be reduced in the coming years. 

The process of permanently closing Sunbury Landfill is estimated to take up to three years to complete in accordance with Environment Protection Authority guidelines. 

This includes the design and construction of final capping and management of any identified risks, and will be followed by ongoing requirements for aftercare, environmental monitoring and management. 

The Sunbury Resource Recovery Centre, including the recycled goods store, remains operational for residential and public use. 

There are no changes or impacts to the kerbside garbage collection services for residents as a result of the closure of landfill.

The decision to bring forward its closure, which was originally scheduled to happen by 2030, is in line with the State Government’s aim to divert 80% of material away from landfill, says council.  

The target has seen a number of initiatives introduced to, and adopted by, councils across the state, including the Food Organics Green Organics waste system and implementation of the Circular Economy Councils Fund