solar panels on the roof of a house.

Sunbury leads the pack in solar panel take-up

Sunbury residents recorded the highest number of solar installations through the Hume Household Solar Rollout program.  

Sunbury was also in the top 10 suburbs in Victoria for overall solar installations in February, while Craigieburn is in the top five suburbs in the state for total solar generation.

Since Hume’s Solar Rollout program began in late 2020, one megawatt (1,000 kW) of solar has been installed across households in Hume City through the program.

Hume households who have installed solar panels through the council program, have collectively saved around $215,000 in electricity bills.  

The Victorian Government is offering rebates of $1,400 and interest-free loans up to the same amount for eligible home owners.

Hume City Council offers an additional $700 rebate to concession card holders who install solar through the Hume program. With other rebates and the no interest loan this can reduce the upfront costs of solar by $3,500. 

The council says solar panels can save bill payers an average of $1,073 in annual electricity bills.  

The Hume Household Solar Rollout program is a partnership between Hume City Council and the Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF), with an accredited solar provider, Green Home Green Planet, who offer competitive, good quality solar panel installations.  

To get a free, no-obligation quote call YEF on (03) 7037 6040 or register for a quote at Hume Solar.  

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