Where’s our missing reindeer?

The popular Christmas reindeer on Sunbury's Village Green as seen in previous years... Photo / Sharon Wallace-Storm.
The popular Christmas reindeer on Sunbury’s Village Green as seen in previous years… Photo / Sharon Wallace-Storm.

The festive lights on Sunbury’s village green are delighting people of all ages this year. But those with even short memories are asking about the reindeer that has been a feature of the annual display in the past.

Where is it? Why isn’t it here? Where can it be? Has anyone seen it?… The emails keep arriving to the SunburyLife broom cupboard.

The ‘editor’ assigned one of our keenest volunteers to hunt down the elusive animal. He’s someone with good connections, contacts that rise straight to the top (well, not that high), is as old as dirt, has a nose for the truth, and an unwavering commitment to establishing the facts.

While initial enquiries seemed fruitless, with suggestions the reindeer had run off to help Santa, or joined the circus (do they still have those?), our top man persevered by reaching deep into the inner workings of Hume City Council – owner of said sparkling wonder.

“The people of Sunbury want to know where their reindeer is, they demand an answer,” he said. The answer came back…

“It has been moved to the Broadmeadows site outside of the council building,” said a council spokesperson. “It is a lovely display so we’re sharing it around.”

Hopefully, it will be our turn again next year. There’s talk of a petition… Meanwhile, see our video of the festive village green here.

The ‘Sunbury reindeer’, currently on show outside the library in Broadmeadows. Photo / Hume City Council.