$28m Jackson Hill road in the balance

This report has been updated here.

A road linking Yirrangan Rd in Jacksons Hill to Watsons Rd, that was due to be built this year, may get the red light from Hume City councillors.

The $28m road, part of the Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan, was put on Hume City Council’s to-do list in 2010 after it abandoned plans to build an underpass to Vineyard Rd.

The planned road would cut through Wanginu Park – the site of historical artefacts. As a result, council officers have advised councillors that recovering the artefacts would cost $6m and take more than three years to complete.

Councillors have been presented with three options by officials for its meeting on Monday 13 May.

  1. Defer the project, pending development in Sunbury South
  2. Pursue construction of Yirrangan Road, continuing with the current CHMP application process
  3. Consider alternative routes

Council officers have recommended councillors vote for option one, noting that when Jacksons Hill was developed there were access issues related to the Station St level crossing, and a congested roundabout at Horne St.

“These have been resolved and the need for an alternative access route to service Jacksons Hill is less critical,” state council officials in the meeting’s agenda.

Council will ask Development Victoria if it can keep $3.2 million awarded to the council, to help fund the road, to use elsewhere in the city.

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