Almost 6,000 buyers chasing 200 properties

The median value of a home in Sunbury has risen 0.8% to $670,000 according to the latest data from property listing site The figure is based on the sale of 554 properties during the past 12 months.

In the past month 180 houses and 19 units were listed for sale in Sunbury, with more than 5,800 potential buyers looking for a home in the area according to the property listing site.

According to the median value of two-bed houses is $585,000 (down 1.3%), three-beds, $605,000 (down 3%), and four-beds are $765,000 (up 4.8%) with percentage changes compared to June 2022 values. The median time to sell a house in Sunbury is currently 30 days.

When it comes to units, values overall are up 1.6% on June last year and are currently taking a median 44 days to sell. Median values for three-bed units are $525,000 (up 1.9%), with two-beds sitting at $460,000 (up 2.1%).

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