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Business owners invited to air their concerns amid shop closures

A public meeting is being held for local business owners to share how they are faring amid the cost-of-living crisis and increased business pressures.

Jakob Zarafa, chair of the Sunbury Liberal Party, hopes local business owners will attend the small business forum and discuss the issues they face running their business. He’s invited Liberal MP Cindy McLeish to be the keynote speaker.

“Small Businesses in Sunbury are suffering,” says Mr Zarafa. “You just have to walk along Evans St to notice the array of window fronts that are vacant with ‘for lease’ signs up.

Cindy McLeish MP.

“Businesses are struggling to keep up with rent, wages, and the overall increasing cost of living. These broad challenges are forcing business to either relocate or close their doors all together.”

Mr Zarafa hopes to get a firm understanding from owners of small businesses about what is affecting them, and to hear personal stories about the struggles they face.

“The forum will be used to have a wholesome conversation about small business policy in the local area,” says Mr Zarafa.

“We need real solutions, and that starts with hearing information from people in the community who have, or have had, small businesses.”

The meeting is being held 7pm Monday 20 May at Sunbury Bowling Club, Riddell Rd. Cindy McLeish MP will be the keynote speaker.

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Does more need to be done by local and state Government to support business owners in Sunbury?