Campaign to champion grassroots journalism launched

The Local & Independent News Association (LINA) has launched a nationwide campaign aimed at growing diverse, community focussed voices in Australia’s embattled media landscape which is dominated by syndicated news and online mis and disinformation.

The campaign, ‘Our News. Your Voice, calls on Australians to join LINA in actively supporting local and independent news organisations – such as Sunbury Life – that serve a vital function in any inclusive, thriving community.

It comes at a time when the nation’s media industry is confronted by significant funding and resourcing challenges – a storm that LINA is helping local and independent publishers to weather.

  • Australia has one of the 10 most consolidated media landscapes in the world, putting democracy at risk
  • Anti-competitive business practises by media giants has led to the closure of local and independent newsrooms
  • LINA is supporting local and independent newsrooms to deliver high-quality reporting on issues that communities care about

Recent statistics from the Public Interest Journalism Initiative revealed that Australian news production has contracted by a figure of 157, which includes both outlet and newsroom closures, between December 2019 and December 2023. This underscores the urgent need for Australians to support grassroots journalism.

With approximately 133 new mastheads, stations or websites launched since 2019, there are still promising signs that new players are seeking to enter the market to meet the demand for locally relevant news. However, many of these publishers operate with limited resources — 35 percent have less than two staff members and 16 percent are purely volunteer-run (such as Sunbury Life).

Become a member and support Sunbury Life for less than $1.40 a week ($6 a month).