Mental health charity to build homes in Sunbury

Mind Australia and its subsidiary The Haven Foundation are to build homes for people living with significant mental health and wellbeing challenges in Sunbury. The development is one of eight that’s part of the Homes Victoria $5.3 billion Big Housing Build.

While the Sunbury location is yet to be confirmed, a Mind spokesperson says construction will create work for between 80 and 110 tradies with 90% being from the area.

Once opened in mid 2024, the development will feature 16 self-contained apartments that will provide support for people with mental ill-health to live independently.

Residents will receive 24/7 support from qualified mental health workers. The day-to-day support and management will be provided by Mind, and it is expected 12 to 16 members of staff will be hired.

The video below features Haven’s housing development in Geelong.

Haven Geelong: Housing with support for people with mental ill-health