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Museum petition gathers momentum

In just a few days more than 100 people have signed our petition calling on Hume City Council to display the entire George Evans Museum collection in a dedicated building.

Until 2017, the collection of more than 5,500 items that made up the museum’s exhibits, could be seen in a dedicated space accessed via the towns old library (since demolished). Hume City Councillors voted on 10 July 2017 for the ‘temporary closure’ of the museum from 1 December 2017. That decision was supported by Cllr Jack Medcraft.

Some of those who have spoken to Sunbury Life remember talk of the museum being moved to the former Courthouse in Macedon St. Built in 1885, the iconic building was saved from demolition in the 1980s by local campaigners. In 2017 it was being used as the town’s visitor information centre.

Former Jacksons Creek Ward councillor Ann Potter said in July 2017 that moving the visitor centre to the Global Learning Centre “…would bring it under the same roof as the George Evans Museum and interactive library facilities”.

However, despite the centre opening in December 2019, the museum collection has remained behind closed doors, with limited access by prior arrangement, lunchtime Wednesdays.

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In recent weeks it was revealed that only a handful of items from the museum would be displayed in glass cases at the Global Learning Centre. This is far removed from what Sunbury had before councillors voted to ‘temporarily’ close the museum.

Among those who have commented on our petition page include Julie Baxter who writes: “Our Sunbury heritage and history needs to be maintained and kept in a safe place, for all to view. Please don’t be plebs and waste our great history.”

Karen McBean writes: “Sunbury was first settled in 1836 by George Evans and William Jackson. We need an historic museum for this town. It’s a travesty that our council does not honour the history of Sunbury.”

And Michael Fury writes: “Travel to Europe and see 2,000 years of history, and yet within Sunbury under Hume Council numerous heritage buildings and sites are demolished or allowed to deteriarate. Our history needs to be maintained for future generations.”

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