SunburyLife news 22 December 2023

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SunburyLife news 22 December 2023

Welcome to the Sunbury Life newswrap podcast for week ending Friday 22 December 2023.

The Okami Japanese restaurant in Evans St, which opened in December 2019, has been put into voluntary administration by its owners Okami Distribution.

The all-you-can eat restaurant is one of 16 to face possible closure, with its owners blaming inflation and the covid pandemic as being behind its decision. The restaurants will open during Christmas as normal.

Homes Victoria, the leaseholder of the disused Uniting Church is Barkly Street, says while the building remains structurally sound, repairs are required.

Eyebrows were raised in November when a security fence was erected around the church, built in 1879,  by Hume Council.

This week, a Homes Victoria spokesperson says it’s working with the Church to co-ordinate repairs. 

Sunbury’s BMX club is being transformed with a new electronic starting gate, sections of track are being upgraded, and floodlights are on their way to give the venue longer opening hours during winter.

A popular festive reindeer that’s enjoyed pride of place on Sunbury’s village green in past years is nowhere to be seen this Christmas – and readers of SunburyLife have asked where it is.

Turns out Hume Council kept it for itself – the sparkling reindeer, enjoyed by children of all ages, is sitting outside council offices in Broadmeadows.

Last Sunday’s weather was perfect for the children’s Christmas fair on the village green. We nipped down to take a quick video to capture the fun. Take a look at

In real estate news, the median value of a 3 bed home in Sunbury currently stands at $605,000, and weekly rents for a 3 bed home is around $430.

And that’s your Sunbury news for this week.

The team of volunteers at Sunbury Life are taking a well earned break for a few weeks – we’ll be back in mid-January – but do keep an eye on the site.