SunburyLife news 2 February 2024

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SunburyLife news 2 February 2024

An application for a multi-faith church on the outskirts of Sunbury, refused permission by Hume City Council, has got the green light following a review by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

Hume City Council had refused a planning permit for the land at 75 Mundy Rd, in part due to the appropriateness of the use, and the building design, in a Green Wedge Zone.

The George Evans Museum collection is to get a new home, in a revamped lower ground room beneath the Macedon St public library.

A Hume City Council spokesperson says a design for the new museum has been approved and building work will start on the collection’s new home in a few months’ time. 

After more than a decade on the road travelling across Australia, Maria Augustus-Dunn and her husband Brad Dunn have hung their hats in Sunbury.

The couple moved to the town following 12 years touring the country with a 4X4 towing a caravan. Read their full story at

With grass in locations such as roundabouts and berms across Sunbury reaching knee-height in places, some residents are taking it upon themselves to do the work of Hume City Council and the State Government.

Meanwhile, a roundabout in Macedon St that was overgrown and becoming a hazard to motorists, was ignored by the council until someone placed a pole sporting the Australian flag on it.

the operator of the Sunbury Square shopping area, is to redevelop the south entrance of the complex to create a link to the town’s bus terminal and train station. Building work will also include a new car park.

Redevelopment is planned to start within the next 12 months, and won’t impact on the day-to-day operation of shops, says CHP Management.

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