SunburyLife news 9 February 2024

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SunburyLife news 9 February 2024

More details of the proposed waste-to-energy plant on the edge of Sunbury have been revealed by waste management firm Hi-Quality.

The company operates a landfill at Sunbury Rd, Bulla, and wants to expand its operation at the 256 hectare site over the next six years.

It proposes to build a rubbish incinerator requiring 180,000 litres of water a day and featuring a 50m tall chimney. In addition, it wants to expand its quarry, build a hazard waste treatment facility, and a mud washing operation.

State Liberal MP Wendy Lovell spoke up for the family of James Ness, 39, this week, following reports his grave was desecrated by maintenance workers.

“Imagine the horror of burying your son, and then visiting the grave a few days later to find the grave looking like a construction site and fragments from his coffin strewn across the surface,” said Lovell.

AUDIO – The action I seek

St John Ambulance is holding an information and interview session at the Sunbury SES Compound, 21 McDougall Rd, on Tuesday 13 February, for those interested in joining the service.

The organisation is looking for community-minded locals who want to support to their community at local events, festivals, and in emergencies.

Members of Sunbury Police Station didn’t go hungry during a day of canine unit and search and rescue training this week. Volunteers from the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) were on-hand to serve up hot meals and refreshments.

On Saturday April 13 Hume City is putting on a festival at The Nook, Sunbury, as a way to mark the 50th anniversary of the iconic rock festivals of the 1970s. Details are thin right now, so as soon as we know, we’ll let you know.

Do keep an eye on our events calendar at, and if you have an event coming up you can use a form on our site to send it in for free publication.

Tuesday 12 February will be the first meeting of Hume City Council of the year, you can watch the proceedings online via the council website. SunburyLife will be covering it.

The weekend weather…

Saturday will be sunny with cloudy periods, a low of 14 and a high of 27

Sunday will be clear and sunny, with a high of 33 and a low of 17.