Proposal to keep Bulla spoil facility open to 2048

The dumping of West Gate Tunnel spoil in Bulla, due to end this year, may continue for another 24 years.

In the Hume City Council agenda, for its meeting Tuesday 12 March, officers report that Hi-Quality, owners of the Bulla Spoil Processing Facility, Sunbury Rd, was granted permission in 2021 to treat spoil exclusively from the West Gate Tunnel Project until 2024. Now, Sonya Kilkenny, Minister for Planning, wants it to continue for another 24 years.

Minister Sonya Kilkenny.

She has written to council proposing an amendment to extend operations of the facility until 2048. In addition, the minister doesn’t want the public consulted. Council has until 15 March 2024 to respond.

A draft letter in the name of Hume City mayor Naim Kurt, that is yet to be signed-off by council, states it does not object to the minister’s proposal to extend the use of the spoil facility, but asks that Hi-Quality hand over some cash toward the building of the Bulla bypass – or “fund any other project to reduce traffic on the Bulla Bridge” – and contribute to a community fund.

The draft letter also asks the minister to shorten her proposed extension of the spoil facility from 2048 to 2034. Download the draft PDF version of the council’s letter here.