Council rates to rise 3.5% – but expect to pay 9% more overall

Hume City councillors will be asked to approve the maximum allowed general rates increase at the council’s next meeting on Monday 26 June – adding 3.5% to the general rates. However, the cost of waste collection has been taken out of the rates bill and is to be charged for separately.

The combined rates and separate waste charges means home owners could pay 9% more overall.

From next month the council’s Waste Service Charge will be invoiced separately to the tune of $295 a year for each of the city’s 100,000 households. Waste charges are not covered by the 3.5% rate cap councils are required to abide by when setting the general rates.

A Hume City council spokesperson said: “Council’s general rate increase is in line with the Victorian Government’s established Fair Go Rates System which is a framework that caps the amount councils may increase rates in a year without seeking additional approval.

“The rate cap applies to the council’s total rate revenue only, therefore the general rate and municipal charges part of a rates bill are subject to the cap. Other parts, such as waste charges and other user fees and levies, remain uncapped.  

“Council’s budget of 8.9% consists of the capped general rate movement of 3.5%, but also includes supplementary rates (growth/new properties) and the addition of the kerbside and public waste management rates and charges.  

“In 2023/24 council is introducing a waste charge to recoup the actual cost of waste service delivery as the cost of delivering waste services far exceeds the 3.5% rate cap. However, the amount charged in general rates will also reduce, partially offsetting this new charge and in some cases reducing the overall amount payable.”

From the Hume City Council’s 2023-24 budget document, bottom line rate and waste income is up more than 9% on the 2022/23 year.

Infrastructure for all corners of Hume

More than $600 million in funding will be invested in community facilities, roads, footpaths, parks and reserves over the next four years, including $128.25 million in 2023/24. Highlights of Hume City Council’s 2023/24 capital works program include:

$38.03 million to improve, upgrade and develop new buildings including:

  • $9.3 million on continued works for the upgrade of the former Craigieburn Leisure Centre to a new indoor sports facility
  • $2.6 million to complete the construction of the Kalkallo North Community Hub
  • $2.6 million to commence the construction of the Greenvale Indoor Cricket Centre
  • $2.4 million to complete the construction of the Seabrook Reserve Community Hub.

$20.01 million to construct, upgrade and maintain roads across the City as well as $6.50 million for footpaths and cycleways and $18.05 million for car parks, including:

  • $7.98 million on local road resurfacing
  • $1.2 million to complete the reconstruction of Trade Park Drive in Tullamarine
  • $0.6 million for continued works on Council’s indented parking on narrow streets program
  • $4.8 million on footpath rehabilitation
  • $15 million to commence construction of the Evans Str multi-deck carpark in Sunbury
  • $2 million to complete the duplication of Aitken Boulevard between Marathon Boulevard and Grand Boulevard

$26.76 million on land improvements, including park and reserve upgrades, construction of sporting fields and more. This includes:

  • $6.28 million to complete the construction of four rugby league and touch football pitches at the Bridges Recreation Reserve in Craigieburn
  • $1.3 million for the continuation of works for the construction of playing fields at the Grand Boulevard Reserve in Craigieburn
  • $1.2 million for the commencement of works for the construction of the Eric Boardman Memorial Reserve athletics track
  • $0.74 million to commence construction of the playing fields at Greenvale Recreation Reserve
  • $0.59 million on works for the improvement of the sub-surface drainage for sportsground surfaces across the municipality