Red Cross celebrates 25 years in Sunbury

Staff and volunteers running the Red Cross store in O’Shanassy St are celebrating 25 years of raising funds for the charity this month.

Maureen Riley, one of dozens of volunteers at the popular store began helping out at 15 years ago for something to do in retirement.

To help celebrate the store’s silver anniversary there will be a morning tea for volunteers and store discounts for shoppers – even though everything sold at the Red Cross shop is already at good value prices.

Staff at The Red Cross store in Sunbury celebrate 25 years of raising money for the charity.

Maureen says the store’s biggest sellers include women’s fashion, DVDs and CDs – shoppers can get a bag of pre-loved movies or books for $6 – a fraction of their full retail price. The store also sells new clothes, donated by big chain retailers.

Donations of good quality items to keep the shelves stocked are always welcomed. Very little goes to waste, as any items that don’t sell are sent to other Red Cross stores “…what might not sell here might sell at another store,” she says.

The Red Cross shop is currently open Monday to Friday, more volunteers are needed to open the store on Saturdays.

Maureen Riley, one of the volunteers at Sunbury’s Red Cross shop which has been raising funds for the charity for 25 years. Photo / SunburyLife.