Sunbury leisure and aquatic centre.

Closed swimming pool drama continues

Hume City Council says it been informed by its contractor – Roejen Services – of a “significant defect in the paintwork” in the 25m pool at the Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre (SALC), Ligar St. The discovery comes after the pool was repainted and filled with water.

Council notice of the 25m pool closure on the entry door of the Sunbury Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Ligar St.

A council spokesperson says: “Unfortunately, this means that the pool cannot be handed back to council from the contractor as anticipated, and we will not be able to re-open as planned on Friday 24 November.

“We know this is disappointing news – we are disappointed too, as we were really looking forward to welcoming the community back into the space.”

The pool has been closed for most of 2023 due to leaking pipes, and has been extensively reported on by
SunburyLife – click here for our other reports.

Repair work was first estimated by council to be around $45,000. However, the repair bill rose to $525,000 as work progressed.

Additional works have also been undertaken at the leisure centre to the tune of $622,044 this year, putting to amount of ratepayer money spent on the complex at more than $1.1 million.