StreetLife Festival – cancelled

The much-anticipated Sunbury StreetLife Festival, due to take place on Sunday 26 November, has been cancelled for the second time this year. It was originally to be held in February.

Organisers say it needs around 100 stall holders to make the event a success, but says only 35 had booked a spot, with some double-booking themselves.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez-Deller, Streetlife secretary, says February’s Streetlife Festival was cancelled due to a lack of funds, and the rescheduled event planned for this Sunday is cancelled due to key entertainers pulling out and there not being enough stall holders.

He says the event has been moved to Sunday 4 February 2024, and that most stall holders due to take part this Sunday have re-booked for next year.

In a written statement, the Streetlife committee said: “The committee of management of StreetLife Inc. regrets to inform of the postponement of our upcoming event, Sunbury StreetLife Festival, which was originally scheduled to take place on Sunday, 26 November 2023.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, late cancellation of key performers and children’s activities, we find it necessary to reschedule the event to ensure the safety and overall success for all participants.”