Hume college students awarded for their legal studies with two from sunbury.

Students recognised for legal studies

Two Sunbury college students have been recognised by the Victorian Bar for academic excellence in legal studies.

Callum McMahon (Sunbury College), and David Geissler (Sunbury Downs College), will each receive $1,000 from the Victorian Bar Foundation and $500 from the Hume City Council.

The students, two of 17 from across Hume to be recognised for the award, will participate in work experience during school holidays that will include a tour of the Supreme Court of Victoria and briefings from leading barristers.

Speaking at the presentation the Chair of the Victorian Bar Foundation, on Monday 3 July, retired Supreme Court Judge John Digby, said the initiative is aimed at encouraging local students to pursue a career in the law.

The Mayor of Hume City, Cllr Joseph Haweil, said: “I hope those involved are proud of their hard work and take the opportunity to learn from others in the field.”

The Victorian Bar Foundation Student Achievement Award and Mentoring Program winners for 2023 are:

  1. Jasmine Roeschmann Roxburgh College
  2. Komal Joshi Hume Anglican Grammar
  3. Aron Ko Craigeburn Secondary College
  4. Mohammad Mahmood Sheikh Sirius College Boys’ Campus
  5. Abdurrahman Merhi Ilim College Boys’ Campus
  6. Filiz Ozkadi Ilim College Girls’ Campus
  7. Claire Adams Penola Catholic College
  8. Selafina Akauola Kolbe Catholic College
  9. David Geissler Sunbury Downs College
  10. Rita Gawrge St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox College
  11. Hajrah Sajid Sirius College Girls’ Campus
  12. Maryam Albert Hume Central Secondary College
  13. Sarah Foster Salesian College
  14. Flanna Maju Aitken College
  15. Tyra Saavedra Mount Ridley College
  16. Callum McMahon Sunbury College
  17. Hanna Alnader Gladstone Park Secondary College