Share your Christmas garden displays

Have you turned your front garden into a local showpiece of Christmas wonder? If so, it might be time to share photos of your handiwork with SunburyLife readers.

Send us a photo of your festive display and we’ll share it right here for everyone else to enjoy.

You can share your delightful garden decorations and illuminations with the whole of Sunbury (and beyond) with a quick snap straight from your smartphone. And you don’t need to give us your home address if you don’t want to.

There’s a few guidelines though…:

  1. Photos must be of your own garden
  2. You must take the photo with your own camera (i.e., you must own the rights to the photo)
  3. Anybody appearing in your photos must have given permission for their image to be published
  4. If you send photos to us, it is on the understanding you have given us permission to publish them free of charge
  5. You retain copyright of your photos
  6. Image file size should be around 1meg (medium)

Send snaps of your festive display to: [email protected] or use our contact form.