Sunbury children learn how to grow food

Children learn how to grow food

A Children’s Garden has opened at the Sunbury Community Garden (also known at the Goonawarra Community Garden). The garden was started by Angela Cook-Lee, a graduate of this year’s council-run Enviro Champs program.

Angela completed the free 10-session program after joining the Highgrove Dr garden at the start of the year – with the aim of re-starting the Children’s Garden to grow food.

“There was more to creating the garden than I had realised and so getting a lot of support and advice on how to make it work and how to get it out to the community…Council and the Hume Enviro Champs Program gave us a lot of support with that.” 

Angela has also started The Little Ladybirds – Kids Gardening Club, which meets on the first and third Sundays of the month at garden.

“I believe strongly in kids getting out, learning to grow food, healthy eating, and knowing where food comes from,” says Angela.

“You can just want to be involved with no idea, or you can jump on someone else’s idea, and you will get support for the rest.”

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Angela says the program has given members the ability to see their projects into the future. 

“Money is the next thing we need,” she says. “We have enthusiasm, but we need resources and things for the kids to be able to do. This will come from funding from grants.

“Through Hume City Council I attended a grant writing workshop and the Enviro Champs Program also provided us with this knowledge.”

Become an Enviro Champ in 2024 at the Hume Council’s website.