Rising costs concern for Sunbury business owners

More than 10 Sunbury business owners responded to an invitation to air their concerns about the pressures they are facing, and to hear from Cindy McLeish MP, this week

The event, held at Sunbury Bowling Club, Riddell Rd, on Monday 20 May, was the initiative of Jakob Zarafa, chair of the Sunbury Liberal Party. He’s concerned about the number of vacant retail stores in the town.

He says the small business forum was a great success and the issues raised indicative of those faced by many small businesses in Sunbury, and across the State.

These include higher rental costs for premises, higher labour cost, and a rise in the cost of doing business generally.

“Those present contributed a great amount of knowledge and personal stories about the tough times small businesses are currently facing,” says Mr Zarafa.

“Cindy McLeish was a great guest speaker, was keen to take notes, and took the contact details of many small business owners.”

Mr Zarafa says not enough is being done to help small businesses, and “…this is having a flow-on effect on all aspects of our local community”.

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