No new trees for Sunbury…For now

A huge tree planting operation by Hume City Council won’t include Sunbury – at least not this year.

Council says it’s replacing street trees in the southern suburbs to provide the area with more shade, clean the air, increase biodiversity, and produce oxygen.

“Sunbury is not on the list for the current round of tree planting,” says a council spokesperson.

“To keep our tree planting program sustainable, council focuses on one geographical area at a time as it saves time and money with planting, watering, and tree establishment assessments all close to one another – reducing travel time. For 2024, this focus is the southern suburbs of Hume.”

The spokesperson says council has a five year plan to plant trees in all urban areas of the city, addressing the areas with low access to open spaces, high social vulnerability scoring, and availability of vacant street tree planting sites first.

Meanwhile, a resident of Pavilion Circuit, Sunbury Fields, complains to Sunbury Life that a “perfectly fine” tree outside their home was cut down and shredded in the street by a council contractor last month. Council has not responded to our request for comment.

Residents can request a street tree for 2025/2026 by contacting the council’s customer service team.

Download the council’s tree planting and nature strip policy here.