Community reacts to council decision on museum collection

Reaction to our report on the demise of the George Evans Museum was swift and clear this week.

The Sunbury community is not happy with Hume City Council, it’s still upset the original museum was closed in the first place, and that council did not move the museum collection to the Old Courthouse in 2017 – when the building was available.

Dave White writes on the Sunbury Historical & Surrounds Facebook page that the biggest kick in the teeth is that a museum was promised by the council as part of the Global Learning Centre.

“At a minimum the [library] gallery should be used,” he writes. “I’m sick of going to meetings only to find nothing happens. After the books were thrown out at the Old Courthouse I fear for anything deemed surplus.”

With news unwanted museum items may be returned to the families who donated them, Susan Duncan wants to know where to sign up to have items returned.

“Anything with Duncan, Tate, Black, Shankland, oh the list is too long… Families in Diggers Rest, Bulla, Tullamarine Island and Sunbury,” she writes.

Karen McBean writes: “We should have rooms put aside at the renovated asylum buildings for a permanent display. Perfect place surely. It’s a community space for all.”

Marion Hayes said: “l would never give or lend any thing of my family or of Sunbury to anyone, very angry.”

“This is ridiculous!” writes Trevor Jeffs. “It’s the town’s history. What a disappointment. There are not many places like Sunbury with its historical background [that] most people wouldn’t even know, and now they never will.”

Karen Hollis added it’s a tragedy the George Evans Museum collection wasn’t better accommodated in Sunbury’s library.

And Deb Williams writes there is “not very much trust of Hume [Council] in Sunbury, and I think with good reason”.