Global Learning Centre, Sunbury. Photo / Sunbury Life.

Iconic museum collection to be placed in multiple locations

The contents of Sunbury’s George Evans Museum, once displayed in a dedicated building until they were put into storage in 2017, will be spread across the town’s Global Learning Centre and library, with some items placed in storage.

The plan, announced this week by Hume City Council, includes a provision to return unwanted items to the families who donated them.

The entire collection, charting the history of Sunbury, features more than 5,500 items representing the social heritage of the district, and includes artworks, photographs, objects, and official records.

Right now, volunteers with an interest in the museum are sifting through the collection to decide which items to put on display, what to keep, and how to store or dispose of items that aren’t wanted. This process is expected to conclude by the year end with items going on public display in December.

A council spokesperson responding to our freedom of information request says the collection will be displayed “throughout the Hume Global Learning Centre – Sunbury”.


Items will appear in a display case in the library, in temporary display cases in its foyer, and intermittently throughout the year in temporary exhibitions.

The spokesperson says items not short-listed for display will be available to community members and researchers in a storage space on the lower ground floor of the Macedon St Global Learning Centre.

“Items that are deemed to require frequent community access and/or are sensitive to fluctuations of temperature, light, or humidity will be stored in the heritage archive space at the centre,” says the spokesperson. “Other items will be stored in a nearby facility.”

As for items donated by Sunbury families, the spokesperson says if there is a decision to permanently remove an item from the collection, they will be contacted – where contact details are available.

“Donors are not contacted if a decision is made to create a display that does not include the items they donated.”

The spokesperson says: “The Civic Collection Policy and Guidelines guide the process of removing items from the collection.

“If an item meets the criteria to be removed from the collection, there is a process that involves checking with any likely hosts of the collection to re-house the item.

“Disposal of collection items is only ever a very last resort after a process of engagement has been completed.”

A list of Sunbury councillors is here.

George Evans Museum

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