George Evans museum details still sketchy

This report has been updated here.

Details of the George Evans Museum collection, that’s been in storage since 2017, are still thin on the ground six months on from when Sunbury Life first reported the historical artefacts were to get a new home.

The collection comprises artworks, photographs, objects, and records relating to the broad history and culture of the Hume region. The George Evans collection is a significant holding of more than 5,500 items representing the social heritage of Sunbury.

Bronnie Hayes says her family donated family photos, books, and other items to the museum before it closed and fears they will be lost during the reshuffle.

“All l know is that there is about 20 family items that l will get to see in two weeks’ time, and l can’t wait,” she says. “I know that they are digitising everything. So what happens with the originals? All I want is the truth.”

Ms Hayes is now sending Hume City Council a letter asking for clarification on what will happen to the collection.

A Hume City Council spokesperson says Sunbury Heritage upgrades are “tracking in line with expectations”.

The spokesperson says a dedicated storage space has been completed with the focus on work to: 

  • Install storage infrastructure
  • Complete a review of the George Evans collection
  • Transfer collection items to the Global Learning Centre
  • Complete a display of a selection of items in ground floor display cases

“It is expected that this work will be complete by December 2024, which includes construction completion by June, and now looking at a long period of transfer due by the end of the year,” says the council spokesperson.

The George Evans Museum plaque. Photo / supplied.
The George Evans Museum plaque. Photo / supplied.

Questions we have put to council:

  1. Who is deciding what will be displayed?
  2. What will be done with items that are not displayed?
  3. Many items that make up the collection were donated to the museum by Sunbury families. Are the families being contacted about any items that are not to be displayed?
  4. Is there a risk that any items in the collection will be put in the skip or dumped by council?
  5. Can someone give us a clue as to what the museum will look like? Any artist’s impression, visuals?
  6. We understand items are being digitised. What’s happening with the originals?
  7. What’s the budget for the new museum?

For now, the museums exhibits can be viewed on a Wednesday by prior appointment. For bookings, call 9925 9900 or email [email protected]